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Dafabet Review - What To Know Before Placing A Bet?

Dafabet Review - What To Know Before Placing A Bet?

Dafabet is an Asian betting giant that”s taken India by storm. For those who like online casinos, caters to their needs. You”ve been searching for a reliable betting site and stumbled upon Dafabet. And now you”re wondering if it”s worth giving a try. Online betting and gambling can be lucrative if you play your cards right, and use a trustworthy site. While plenty of betting sites are on the web, Dafabet with its casino section, is among the most renowned names in India. Its casino section, Casino makes it possible to try your luck with over 200 online casino games. Before jumping straight into wagering, you need to know and understand how Casino operates. Well, you”ve come to the right place! In this complete Dafabet review, we”re going to break it down for you to understand how the site works. We”ll highlight whether or not Dafabet offers enticing casino games with better winning chances. Dafabet is famous for spoiling its users with a humongous welcome bonus, regular promotions, and one of the shortest cash-out times in online betting. But of course, that”s not all! There”s more to the site, such as numerous betting options and games to make more money from. In this review, we”ll highlight every tiny bit of information you need to gather about this online betting site giant before wagering your hard-earned money. Our review is unbiased and highlights pros and cons, policies, payouts, and client insights. It also summarizes whether it”s worth your while. So, get onboard, and let”s see if is worth giving a try.

What is Dafabet?

Dafabet is a sports betting site owned by a Philippine-based group of companies, Asian BGE Limited, which runs several other casinos and sports betting brands. Dafabet Casino is infused into the Dafabet site so casino lovers can enjoy playing without switching sites. Dafabet is considered the company”s most lucrative brand, having started in 2004, and today has global coverage in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa. Its main activity is sports betting and offers sponsorships to soccer teams mainly in the UK”s Barclays Premier League. These include Burnley FC, Sunderland FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, and Celtic FC. Dafabet is duly registered and licensed under the Philippines” jurisdiction, but the corporate firm which operates it, Bayview Technologies, has a British Virgin Islands address. Even though the sports betting site is mainly Asian-based, over the years, it has expanded its territories through the hunt for global traffic. Dafabet is accessible via Dafabet.com and is available in two forms; Dafabet Sportsbook and Dafabet Casino. Is Dafabet Closing Anytime Soon? - One of the key determinants of the stability of any sports betting site is its operation availability in a market. Dafabet is still strong and not closing anytime soon, despite the rumors circulating. The Dafabet Casino section is also still available to players, but we”ll discuss later on in this review whether it”s here to stay. The site still has operations in India and won”t be closing soon. From their official website, there”s no mention of shutting down operations in the country. So far, the only country where Dafabet has closed its operations is the UK. And this happened way back on March 20, 2018, due to the failure to keep up with the stringent regulatory measures of the UK. Both the Dafabet Sports and Dafabet Casino are no longer available in the UK, and other countries, such as the United States. Which countries are allowed to use Dafabet? - As mentioned earlier, Dafabet Casino is an Asian-facing betting site. However, it has global coverage and allows players from almost every country on the planet. They”re also popular for offering up to 20 playing currencies to suit the localities of its players. Dafabet however does have restrictions on Indian players and they can wager freely on their site. According to their Terms and Conditions page, the following are the countries that are currently not allowed to use the site: • The United Kingdom. • France. • Portugal. • Spain. • Turkey. • Taiwan. • Singapore. • Israel. • The USA and its territories. • Hong Kong SAR. • The Philippines. • Macau SAR. Dafabet”s Authenticity – A Keen Look Into Dafabet - What makes any online sports betting site authentic is the real-life experiences of its clients and how its” history unraveled over the years. Even the most authentic betting sites on the web cannot miss a single tainted trait that players can use to draw assumptions about it. Dafabet is one such betting site. Having been formed in 2004, the site has grown over the years to become a betting brand to reckon with. Here”s a look at some of the major events that have occurred in Dafabet”s history, which you can use to make conclusions about whether you can trust it with hard-earned money or not. According to eGaming Review Magazine (EGR), a popular global online gambling information site, Dafabet ranks 21st among the top 50 gambling websites. For any site to be listed among the top 50, it takes a lot of work which includes complying with the gambling regulations of many countries. Dafabet together with Dafabet Casino made it to the list in 2013 since its launch in 2004. In 2014, Dafabet was again ranked among the top 50 online gaming operators where it secured the 19th position. In the subsequent year, the company”s rank dropped to 23rd position despite having made efforts to expand its operations in Europe. In 2017, the online gambling site dropped to 28th according to EGR”s top 50 rankings. But since it was working hard to improve coverage through the Dafabet Casino section, the betting giant still enjoys a good reputation and following from all over the world. Dafabet User-Friendliness and Supported Languages - Regardless of how many promotions and bonuses a betting site offers if its platform isn”t welcoming to users, it certainly loses credibility. Dafabet has invested a lot in ensuring the platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Dafabet website: The Dafabet website is accessible via Dafabet.com and is easy to navigate. Dafabet”s primary color is a bright red hue with black and yellow as the accent colors, creating an appealing look. It allows the users to bet using the Dafabet Sportsbook and OW Sports. The Sportsbook section has a more appealing and modern UI while OW Sports retains the old UI to appeal to veteran bettors who prefer the old site. Generally, moving through the website is super easy, both for OW Sports and Sportsbook users. The OW Sports section has a somewhat limited collection of different sports and lacks some of the amazing features of the new Sportsbook. Dafa Sports offers up to 29 sports you can bet on while OW Sports has only 18. Mobile apps: Not everyone prefers to place their bets using the website. Dafabet caters to its mobile users by offering both an Android and iOS app to allow you to wager while on the go. The apps achieve the same functionalities as the website. You”ll also be able to access the Dafabet Casino section through the apps. One thing to note though is that the apps are divided into two separate versions; Dafa Sports and Dafabet Casino. This eliminates unnecessary features for those who wish to only use one section. For instance, if you only use the sports section and not the casino, you”ll only need the Dafa Sports app. If you want to use both the sports and casino, Dafabet still retains its native app which has both Dafabet Sports and Dafabet Casino in one app. Occasionally, you”ll be able to receive promotions and bonuses on your mobile app, which is not available to website users. When downloading these mobile apps, you need to be cautious about clones, which are not secure and might mislead you into thinking you”re using the right Dafabet app. If you want a genuine iOS app, head down to the AppStore and get it from there. Alternatively, you can visit Dafabet”s official website and download it from the provided links. The same goes for the Android app. The supported languages: India is a diverse country with many different languages. Dafabet understands that and in a bid to reach out to every bettor in their language, it supports different languages including: • English. • Hindi. • Telugu. Both the Dafabet Sports and Dafabet Casino are available in many languages other than the ones listed above. These include German and French but the three languages appeal to most Indian bettors.

How to Start Betting and Make Money On Dafabet

The first step to start betting and earning yourself some real cash is creating a Dafabet account. The account will give you access to the sports and Dafabet Casino sections. After your account is activated, you”ll have to make your first deposit. The good thing is that Dafabet offers a good welcome bonus to first-time users who successfully deposit into their betting account. More on that in a short while. Is Dafabet legal in India? - Every bettor is always wary of putting their money on betting sites with suspicious activities or malice. If wondering about the Dafabet site”s safety, there”s nothing to be worried about because it”s licensed and authorized by the Curacao Electronic Gaming Commission. Since the Public Gambling Act of 1867 restricts the opening and operating of gambling institutions in India, does that mean that Dafabet is illegal? Not at all! That”s because Dafabet has no physical office or establishment in India but is only available online. Also, Dafabet as a business is not registered in India but the Philippines. Therefore, betting and making money online on Dafabet is completely legal for all Indians. Registering a betting account on Dafabet - We have to admit that creating a Dafabet account is one of the most complex processes when compared to competitors. However, the process is simpler with the guide below. You simply need to meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years. • Go to Dafabet • Click on “Join Now” in the top right corner. • Fill out the registration form appropriately then click on “Create Account” to complete the registration. • Dafabet will send you an email to your provided address. Confirm your registration by opening and clicking on the link as directed. That”s all you need to do. The tedious part is filling out the registration form, but if you complete it successfully, you”ll be ready to start placing bets. The Welcome Bonus - Dafabet has been on a spree to welcome new bettors to their site and they”ve been doing it with attractive welcome bonuses. The bonus is however dependent on the region. For instance, Indian players are welcomed with a 50% bonus up to INR 16,000 on their first deposit. However, the requirements to earn this bonus are a little harsh. If you”re lucky to land a promo code, you can earn up to a 170% bonus. DSFDB170INR is a popular promo code for Indian markets, which earns you a bonus after depositing at least INR 1,000. Dafabet also offers several other deposit bonuses, such as DSFDB60INR, which will earn you up to 60% to a maximum of INR 30,000. The catch is on the wagering requirements. For the 170% bonus, the requirement is 15 times on all odds above 1.5. As for the 60% bonus, the requirement is 10 times on all odds higher than 1.5. We found these wagering requirements somewhat high, but Dafabet claims that they”re meant to put off frauds who aren”t serious about betting. Another important thing to note is that the bonus won”t stay on your betting account forever. You”ve 45 days only to clear it out. Other Bonuses - Apart from the signup bonus, Dafabet and Dafabet Casino also have different bonuses and promotions for gamers and bettors. These include Maximum Cricket Cashback, Game for Fame, and Exchange Refund Bonus. Exchange Refund Bonus: Under this type of bonus, Dafabet gives you the chance to win back INR 1,000 under Dafa Sports Exchange. If you”re in the process of meeting FDB wagering requirements, you won”t be able to get this bonus. Also, the bonus has a wagering requirement of at least one time and you won”t be able to use it in Dafabet Casino. Maximum Cricket Cashback: This bonus is available under the VIP bronze membership. All you need to do is fill out the signup form and place your live or pre-match bets on your selected cricket match. Dafabet will roll out a refund once every Monday, which can go reach INR 25,000. This bonus, however, requires that all bets have 1.5 or higher odds. Before being allowed to make a withdrawal, you”ll be required to wager the bonus at least once. Game For Fame: This bonus has one of the toughest requirements on Dafabet. You”ll need to wager a minimum of INR 41,000 on Live Dealer, Dafabet Casino, Arcade, and Games. You”ll have to climb up in ranks by playing as many games as you can to be among the top 100 gamers in every VIP level to get the bonus. The promotion is available on Monday and Tuesday every week and Dafabet will count only the completed actions towards ensuring you”ve met the wagering requirement. Under the casino bonus, you”ll get a wagering requirement of 10x. But the good thing is that any Dafabet Casino game you play counts towards meeting the requirement. Making Your First Deposit - Before placing your first bet, you”ll need to deposit money into your account. And Dafabet has availed different channels to make it more convenient for players. Here are different ways to finance your account: • Skrill – Skrill is one of the most popular online casino funding methods, that”s why Dafabet also supports it. The least deposit amount is ₹500 while the maximum deposit amount is ₹ 15 lakhs. The good thing is that the deposit is instant so you can start betting right away. • AstroPay – It”s an international online payment platform allowing you to deposit funds into your Dafabet Casino account instantly. The minimum deposit allowed is ₹500 but you can only deposit up to ₹5 lakhs. • Rupay Card – You”ve probably used RuPay before to make a payment, and now you can also use it to fund your Dafabet betting account. the least deposit amount is ₹500 while the highest you can deposit is ₹1 lakh. The money will reflect in your account instantly to allow you to start enjoying your casino gameplay right away. • Online bank transfer – If you have funds in your bank account and would like to transfer them to your Dafabet account, it”s also permissible. You”ll be required to make a minimum deposit of ₹1,000 and a maximum of ₹3 lakhs. • Neteller – do you have a Neteller account? you can also use it to fund your account. Dafabet allows you to deposit up to ₹3.75 lakhs instantly into your betting account, but the least amount you can deposit is ₹500. • ecoPayz – ecoPayz is also another secure online money transfer method supported by Dafabet. You can instantly transfer up to ₹7 lakhs from your ecoPayz account to Dafabet. The minimum deposit amount allowed is ₹500. • Paykassma PTM - Paykassma is among the popular online payment platforms for medium and small businesses. But you can also use it to fund your Dafabet Casino account. you”ll be able to transfer a maximum of ₹5 lakhs instantly while the minimum deposit allowed is ₹500. • UPI Pay – if you”re conversant with how UPI payments operate, you can also use it to fund your Dafabet account. UPI Pay acts like an interface where multiple bank accounts can be linked and funds transferred between them. Dafabet allows a maximum deposit of ₹5 lakhs and a minimum of ₹500 from UPI. The money will reflect in your Dafabet account after about 10 minutes. • TW Banking - if you have a Taiwanese bank account, Dafabet also allows you to transfer funds from such an account to your betting account. you”ll be able to deposit up to ₹1 lakh but the least you can transfer is ₹500. Dafabet accepts deposits in Indian rupees, which saves you the hassle of having to convert into other currencies. The minimum deposit requirement varies according to the method used. You can deposit money at any time, but it may take a short while before it reflects on your betting account. It all depends on the channel used. Also, you can use the deposit to place bets on Dafabet Casino.The fee aspect is a major concern for every bettor as it determines how much betting power you”ll have and how much you”ll take home after a win. Dafabet hasn”t disclosed the fees charged on deposits or at least we didn”t find any information. The deposit fees will only be evident after you”ve made a deposit using a particular method. We checked with their customer support and they assured us that there are no fees charged on deposits, which we could agree with except for the bank transfer method. Dafabet Withdrawal and Fees - Dafabet offers a wide range of withdrawal methods to cater to its users. The good thing is that there are no withdrawal limits placed except that it depends on the payment method used. Here are the different withdrawal methods supported by Dafabet which you can use to withdraw your sports and Dafabet Casino winnings. • Skrill – If you”re a betting veteran, you know that Skrill is a reliable online casino funding method, that”s why Dafabet also supports it. The least withdrawal amount is ₹500 with no upper cap limit. The good thing is that the withdrawal is instant into your Skrill account. • AstroPay – It”s an international online payment platform allowing you to withdraw funds from your Dafabet betting account instantly. The minimum withdrawal amount allowed is ₹500 but you can withdraw as much as your account has. • Rupay Card – You”ve probably used RuPay before to make a payment, and now you can also use it to receive your Dafabet winnings. The least withdrawal amount is ₹1,000. The money will reflect in your account instantly. • Online bank transfer – Withdrawing money to your bank account from Dafabet is also possible. Withdraw as low as ₹1,000 into your bank account. the withdrawal may take some time, depending on the bank used, but can take up to 4 hours. • Neteller – A Neteller account can also receive funds withdrawn from Dafabet instantly. Dafabet allows you to withdraw a minimum of ₹500 instantly into your Neteller account, and as much as you want. • ecoPayz – Dafabet also allows you to withdraw your winnings into your ecoPayz account. You can instantly withdraw a minimum of ₹500 from your Dafabet to ecoPayz and the money will instantly reflect in your account. • Paykassma PTM - Paykassma is among the popular online payment platforms for medium and small businesses. But you can also use it to receive funds from your Dafabet Casino account. You”ll be able to withdraw a minimum of ₹500 instantly with no maximum limit. • UPI Pay – UPI Pay acts like an interface where multiple bank accounts can be linked and funds transferred between them. Dafabet allows you to withdraw a minimum of ₹500. The money will reflect in your UPI Pay bank account after about 10 to 30 minutes. • TW Banking - if you have a Taiwanese bank account, Dafabet also allows you to withdraw your winnings to the account. you”ll be able to withdraw a minimum of ₹1,000. Dafabet states that it can take up to four business days for the withdrawn money to reflect on your account in case of a delay. You”ll be able to track the withdrawal request through your account”s client cabinet. One important thing to note for bank transfers is that the details of your Dafabet account such as name, phone number, and address must match those of your bank account. Otherwise, the withdrawal request will not go through. How to withdraw money from Dafabet: Dafabet has a simpler withdrawal process, which we found very easy for newbies. Whether you”ve earned money from Dafabet Sports or Dafabet Casino, all your winnings are added to your account balance. Here are the steps you need to follow to make a withdrawal: • Sign in to your Dafabet account. • Click the account balance display to go to the transactions page. • Choose “Withdrawal” to initiate the process. • Fill out your withdrawal details in the presented form. Here, you”ll have to choose the method preferred and the withdrawal amount. • When prompted, confirm your withdrawal request and Dafabet will set the status to “pending” until it”s finalized. The period it takes for funds to reflect in your respective account varies. Dafabet”s terms and conditions state that it can take up to 4 banking days. If you haven”t received the money after this period elapses, you should contact their customer support. Placing Your First Bet - Dafabet offers an easier way for novice bettors to place their first bet. Here”s a simple way to go about it: • Choose your preferred betting option (Cricket, Sports, eSports, Live) from Dafabet”s homepage after signing into your account. • Next, select the desired sport that you”d like to place your bets on. • Choose the game with the teams of your interest to check the offered odds. • Click the odds according to the results represented. • On the next window, state your bet amount then confirm it. If the outcome of the game is in your favor, Dafabet will update your account balance accordingly. If you want to wager on Dafabet Casino, select it from the navigation menu and then choose your casino game of choice.

Tips and Tricks to Win Bets on Dafabet

Tips and Tricks to Win Bets on Dafabet

While there”s no defined formula for winning bets, experience, and good analytical skills can be a lifesaver on Dafabet Sports and Dafabet Casino. Those who have been betting for years obviously got some skills and better winning chances if they understand the sports they”re betting on. Here are a few tips to increase your winning chances, but still, it”s not a fully guaranteed way of winning. Understand the sports and teams you”re betting on: Yep, it does sound too obvious but you can easily be swayed by a friend to place bets on a sport or team you”re not familiar with. The first trick to a successful Dafabet win is being in charge of your bets. Bet on a sport that you”ve been following and understand better. Don”t get distracted by freebies or bonuses offered in other sports you”re not familiar with. These will only serve as a channel for losing more money. If you”re used to Dafabet Casino, don”t hop into the Dafabet Sports section and place a huge stake the first time. You must also know a game, the betting types, gameplay, betting limits, payout return, and bonuses offered, among other things. For instance, if you love Texas Hold”em Poker, but haven”t got a clue what community cards are, you”ve lost the bet. The same applies to any other sports or Dafabet Casino game. In the same way, if you”re into MMA Boxing betting but don”t understand the rules of the game or the players, you”re going to lose money if placing bets based on intuitions alone. Betting is a game of probability: Always be prepared for both wins and losses, no matter how experienced you are with a certain sport. Earning some good fortune requires you to make the right decisions when placing bets over an extended period. If your first several Dafabet or Dafabet Casino wagering results in losses, don”t lower your spirit. Just have enough money in your betting account to fund both wins and losses. Create a betting budget: Do you just decide to bet with as much money as you can get or do you have a budget? One essential trick is to set a Dafabet wagering budget and then strategize your betting patterns to suit it. You also need to determine the ratio of your budget to wins. The ratio will reveal to you how much you invest and how much you get in return. This way, you”ll be able to tell the maximum amount of money you can place on any single game. Work with smaller increments: If you”re used to betting like INR 100 on your favorite games and winning, don”t rush to increase your stakes instantly. If you wager more money, your returns will be more but your risk will also be higher. Take for instance staking in Dafabet Casino. If you bet INR 100 in a single round in a casino slot game and the outcome doesn”t match your prediction, you”ll lose the entire amount. But if you bet about INR 10 and keep losing until 5 rounds are complete, you shall have lost only INR 50. Then if the next spin is where you”ll win and it happens to be a jackpot, you stand a chance of winning a lot more money and recovering the previous losses. And even if you don”t win, and your budget was INR 100, you”ll still have INR 50 more to wager. Don”t let your personal biases cloud your judgment: Everybody wants their favorite team to win. And that”s why you”ll find most people losing bets because they”ll keep betting on their favorite team even when it”s very clear that the team doesn”t stand a winning chance. When betting on Dafabet Sports or Dafabet Casino, you must be objective and unbiased by putting your emotions aside. Before placing your bets, use match analytics to help you get a clearer view of the possible outcome. Don”t mix feelings with your hard-earned cash; always get a better perspective before placing each bet. Using analytics is a better way of securing a win than relying on your love for a team. If you”re into Dafabet Casino games, use casino analyzers to help you gain some insight into possible outcomes. Watch out for bonuses and promotions: One way to maximize your returns on Dafabet is to always be on the lookout for promotions and bonuses. Dafabet is well known for running bonus and promotional offers both on Sportsbook and Dafabet Casino. You”ll come across offers on Sportsbook running all the way to INR 16,000. But as explained earlier, don”t get tricked by these promotions and bonuses if betting on a sport or game you don”t understand. Just make sure that the offers apply to the sports and matches you”re familiar with and bet on regularly. The Dafabet Sportsbook - From how the website”s homepage is laid out, it”s easy to deduce that Dafabet is a majorly sports betting site. Your first visit to the site will be welcomed by sports logos and plenty of sports-based betting information. One of the key reasons why the site has built a strong name for itself is that it runs on the Comtrade Gaming iCore platform. It”s one of the most robust sports betting platforms that supports a huge number of sports betting options. The platform loads in less than a second if your internet is reliable and you can search, maneuver, and place bets without delays or interruptions. The different sports and leagues on Dafabet Sportsbook: Think of the least-known sports league from the least popular country on the planet. There”s a 99% chance that you can bet on it on Dafabet. All we”re saying is that, whatever sports you”re interested in, Dafabet has got it covered. And that”s what makes the site somewhat overwhelming for new beginners due to the sheer number of games and leagues betting that are hosted on the site. We”re not going to list every single league, but the following are some of the major ones you”re going to make a killing betting on your favorite teams: • English Premier League. • Italian Serie A • Spanish Primera Liga • German Bundesliga • Portuguese Superliga • Belgium Jupiler Pro League • UEFA Champions League • Indian Premier League. That”s just the tip of the iceberg. And if you”d like to bet based on the type of game, then you”ll be spoiled for choice. Here are some of the sports that you can bet on and win big: • Cricket. • Football. • Tennis. • Rugby. • Baseball • Basketball. • American Football. • Badminton. • Boxing. • Darts. • Squash. • Hockey • Auto racing. • Swimming. These are just some of the main options. However, clicking on any of the options will give you a sub-category dropdown to expand your interests. For instance, if you click the football option, you can choose to place your bets on different countries, and odds. If you choose golf, you can place bets on the men”s or women”s category. If you go the basketball route, you”ll be able to bet on American NBA, Mexican, Japanese, and many other leagues. And that”s just part of the reason why Dafabet has a huge following in India. For those into Asian league betting, you”re well covered as well. Dafabet allows bettors to place bets on China”s CBA, Korea”s KBL, Japan”s JBL, the Philippines” PBA, and more. Sportsbook markets: It”s worth noting that since most leagues and sports are seasonal, you may notice a lower game intensity during the low seasons. For instance, in football betting, most leagues in Europe are active between August and May. Some like the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup take several years to experience activity. If you want the best time to stake on Dafabet, weekends are the most ideal, especially when the leagues are active. Peak seasons can welcome up to 150 markets within one football match. Some of the most prominent markets in different games include: • 3-way bets. • Game-winner. • Total scores. • Handicap bets • Scoreline. The Dafabet Sportsbook markets will also vary depending on the game in question. For instance, tennis has unique markets that include rounds, set a winner, and set scores. A game like basketball has total points, score range, and quarterly scores. Betting on Dafabet with consideration to markets mainly takes game knowledge, a bettor”s skills, and analysis. Sportsbook in-game and live-stream betting: Sometimes betting on how a game is going to end can be boring to some bettors. That”s why Dafabet also offers the ability to place bets while the game is still ongoing. If you”re familiar with in-game betting, then Dafabet has a more interesting form called SpeedBets. In SpeedBets, you essentially bet on the next scorer, next play, next score, and so forth. This betting form is quite interesting and you can wager on a specific score in games like tennis. It”s also addictive, as you can place a series of small winning bets if you”re keen on following the flow of the game. Dafabet Sportsbook offers live betting for different sports, giving odds for volleyball, cricket, handball, basketball, football, tennis, and more. Plus, there are many other sporting events covered, including NBA playoffs, eSports, futsal, and many more. eSports: eSports is yet another category of the Dafabet Sportsbook that”s worth mentioning. Generally, it”s a fast-growing industry and that”s the reason why Dafabet decided to capitalize on it with a dedicated section. Under eSports, you”ll get to place your bets on different events, including: • League of Legends • StarCraft 2 • Counter-Strike • Dota 2 The eSports platform is very comprehensive and includes Twitch feeds to allow you to view the sporting action of video game players and place your bets. Asia is the biggest market for eSports today, so it”s not surprising to experience a high number of live feeds counting to over 10,000 viewers. Numbers Games: Dafabet also offers Numbers Games, which are more like Bingo. It offers 75 numbers to bet on but in the same fashion as roulette. The patterns are closely related and you”ll get odds on number combinations, individual numbers, and high or low. Numbers Games are highly popular in Asia, and Dafabet offers the perfect offerings for novices and veterans. Dafabet Cricket: Cricket ranks among the top bettable sports in India, and Dafabet acknowledges this by offering plenty of events to bet on. You”ll get a wide market plus different betting formats in the Indian Premier League, Test Matches, Twent20 World Cup, and Big Bash among others. The Dafabet Casino - Online casinos are on the rise, and Dafabet Casino isn”t left behind. Dafabet offers one of the most extensive casino games, from table games, slots, jackpots, and live casino, to video poker. Our review of Dafabet Casino actually identified over 100 casino games plus many other slot games with a jackpot offer. The casino version of Dafabet partners with Quickspin, a casino games platform provider. You”ll get hundreds of casino games attributed to Quickspin. However, this provider isn”t the only one that Dafabet Casinos relies on. There is also Net Entertainment and Microgaming, among others. One of the troubles of using most online casinos is navigation. We were impressed by how Dafabet Casino has subdivided its casino section to allow players to access different casino games on offer. Live Casino: Are you a fan of live casinos? Well, Dafabet also excels in this area with a good number of games you can explore. Some of the live Dafabet Casino games you can sample include: • Roulette. • Sic Bo. • Blackjack. • Baccarat. • Casino Hold”em. Casino Slots: Dafabet Casino relies on Playtech, the most prominent casino game platform provider, for its casino slots. Playtech is the industry”s most trusted platform provider for its strict requirements and rules. Plus, they”re known for running due diligence before allowing any gaming site to use their platform. The Playtech license also comes at a high cost, which is not easy to keep up with. The fact that Dafabet maintains the provisions by Playtech means that they know exactly what they”re doing. In return, Playtech offers one of the most extensive slot games to Dafabet players, including: • Buffalo Blitz. • Halloween Fortune II. • Captain”s Treasure. • Esmeralda. • Hot Gems. • Jade Emperor. • Queen of Wands. • Jurassic Island. Table Games: Dafabet Casino is also known for its wide category of table games, some of which are the most robust with excellent gameplay and graphics. Some of the table games available included: • Lucky Blackjack. • Mahjong. • Casino Reels. • Single Deck Blackjack. • Caribbean Poker. • Final Score. • Poker Three. • Rock Paper Scissors. • Pontoon. • Around the World. • Bonus Bowling. Video Poker: If you enjoy poker games, Dafabet Casino also offers a range of exciting video poker games. However, their variety is not extensive, but the 8 available variants have multi-hand options to allow you to expand the games to bet on. The different video poker games available on Dafabet include the following: • Jokers Poker. • All American. • Aces and Faces. • Deuces and Wild. • Tens Or Better. • Jacks Or Better. • 2 Ways Royal. • Pick “Em Poker. • Mega Jacks. The Dafabet Betting Features The available features of any particular betting site are what compel bettors to use it. Dafabet understands this well, and that”s why they”ve availed lots of betting features to enhance your betting experience. We”ll discuss some of these features that rank Dafabet among the most trusted betting sites in India. Live stream betting - Do you like to stake live games as they continue? Dafabet allows bettors to watch live sports events and place their bets as the matches continue. You can place bets on major leagues like the IPL among others. Live casino betting - Here, you”ll have a variety of live Dafabet Casino games featuring live dealers to deliver that real-life casino experience. If you want live dealers to speak Hindi, you”ll be able to make your preference. and that”s just one of the many reasons Dafabet has a huge following. Pre-match betting - Placing bets before the onset of a match is perhaps among the popular betting options provided by Dafabet. You only need to predict the results of a match by betting your money on it. What”s more, you can narrow down the pre-match bets to predicting the winning team, and actual scores, among others. Multi-betting - If you want to maximize your winnings, multi-bet is the way to go. In multi-betting, you can choose a betting combination featuring up to 25 different games into one bet. Each bet is called a Leg. The catch is that for you to win the betting amount, each of your betting predictions must come true. Live game statistics: Most bettors rely on statistics to place winning bets. And Dafabet makes it easier for bettors by offering data from the past matches of the teams in a bet to help you make an informed betting decision. You”ll also be able to view live match statistics of the teams to help you forecast the outcomes of the game. Although Dafabet Casino doesn”t have such features, you can use the casino analytics feature to understand how a casino game flows and the possible winning side. Mobile push notifications: After placing your bets, you don”t have to stick around and wait for a match to end or for your predictions to actualize. Dafabet will show push notifications through their Android and iOS apps to keep you in the know as you do other things. And if you”re a devoted casino player, the apps also support Dafabet Casino notifications so you can tell the outcome of your stake. Dafabet Customer Support - Customer support is a key factor in choosing a betting site to wager your hard-earned money. We tried to contact the Dafabet customer support team and to our surprise, they responded to our instant chat messages within a minute. Generally, their response time is better than most other betting sites. They also offer various ways through which bettors can reach their support team: • Instant chat – it”s accessible 24/7 on the Dafabet website, where you”ll get to chat with an agent for instant support. • Social media – You can also reach out to Dafabet via their Facebook page, DafabetsportsIndia. • Web contact form – We recommend this for non-urgent requests but where a communication trail is required. Dafabet support team will respond to you via email. The support team can answer your queries in both English and Hindi. Luckily, they also have different support teams to specifically address both the sports and Dafabet Casino queries.

How Does Dafabet Compare To Crpati?

There”s no doubt that Dafabet is India”s sports betting giant as it offers lots of amazing features that attract both veteran and novice bettors. But when it comes to casino games? Does Dafabet Casino dictate the numbers? If you”re a keen casino player, you already know that Crpati is a name to reckon with in that sector. If you haven”t tried Crpati before and wondering if it”s worth giving a shot, the next section of this review will highlight how the casino site compares to Dafabet Casino. What is Crpati or Cr pati? -Cr pati, often shortened to simply Crpati, is a popular online betting platform available to Indian sports betting lovers. Although it offers other types of sports betting, it”s mainly loved for its lively casino games. If you”ve played Dafabet Casino games and are looking for another platform that performs better with more winning opportunities, Crpati has all it takes. Crpati is accessible to all Indian gamers via Cr pati and has recently risen in fame among bettors looking for a Dafabet Casino alternative. One of the driving factors of this betting site is its lineup of high-quality and engaging games, plus its unrivaled customer support. What Games Can You Play and Place Bets on Crpati?- Compared to Dafabet Casino, Crpati offers a more localized collection of casino games that players can enjoy. These include • Coin Toss • Baccarat, • Number Matka • Roulette • Bonus Dice • Rummy, • Pai Kang • Lucky Seven • Bai Cao • Andar Bahar. • Crypto Gold • 32 Cards, • Teen Patti. • 7 Up 7 Down If you”re into sports betting, Crpati also offers numerous betting options similar to Dafabet, including: • Cricket betting • Cock fight. • Horse racing. • Chess • Lottery. • E-Games. With a wider collection of games that Indian players can relate to, Crpati stands as a better sports and casino betting site than Dafabet. Crpati Vs Dafabet – Promotions and Bonuses - While Dafabet has lots of promotions and bonuses, we cannot deny that Crpati has lucrative offers to lure bettors. The welcome bonus: Crpati offers a 30% welcome bonus on every new user registration. You”ll have to make two deposits within a week to receive this bonus. The first deposit attracts a 10% bonus then the second deposit welcomes a 20% bonus. Also, you”ll need to wager at least 3X before being allowed to make a withdrawal. You won”t be able to play Match odds and Bookmaker using the awarded bonuses. One trick to enjoy a prolonged bonus is to create your account when you”re ready to make your first and second deposits within the first week. Waiting too long will give the bonuses a shorter expiry period. Cricket Winner Master Deposit Bonus: If you thought Dafabet has a more attractive cricket bonus, you need to think again! Crpati offers a more lucrative bonus on cricket matches, known as Cricket Winner Master Deposit Bonus. Here, you need to deposit between INR 1,000 and INR 5,000 to get a 10% bonus. Your wagering needs to be at least 3X. If you deposit more than INR 6,000 you”ll be awarded a 20% bonus and the wagering should be 5X or higher. Once you receive this bonus, you can only use it to place bets on AE Cricket, AE Crick-Ex, Premium Cricket, and Fancy bet. You won”t be allowed to bet on Bookmaker Lay and Math Odds. Special Level Bonus: This has different offers for each level attained. Under the Exclusive Level bonus, you”ll be awarded a 10% bonus up to INR 5,001 on depositing at least INR 1,000. You can”t use this bonus to bet on Lottery, Kingmaker, and Sports. If you”re a pro at reaching higher game levels, then you certainly need to move from Dafabet to Crpati to enjoy this bonus. For the Gold Level bonus, you need a minimum deposit of INR 5,000 to earn a 15% bonus up to INR 10, 001. Withdrawals are allowed after wagering up to 5X. Under Diamond Level Bonus, you”ll earn a 20% bonus up to INR 20,001 on deposits of INR 10,000 or higher. You”ll be able to withdraw after wagering 5X. You won”t be able to bet with the bonus on Kingmaker, Lottery, and Sports. Evo Live Everyday Bonus: This is yet another deposit bonus that can earn you up to 15% up to INR 5,000 money back when you deposit a minimum of INR 2,000. The wagering requirement for this bonus is 10X and it can only be used for betting Evo Live. Matka Deposit Bonus: Under this bonus, you only need to deposit a minimum of INR 1,000 to earn a 10% bonus up to 2,001. You need to wager up to 15x to be able to withdraw. Also, this bonus applies to Matka games only. Friday Bonus: Crpati never fails to make its clients happy on Fridays by offering a chance to earn a 30% bonus up to INR 10, 001. The wagering needs to be at least 10x on withdrawals only. Also, you can only use the bonus on Kingmaker and Sports. Diamond & Golden VIP Cricket You lose, We Pay: This is one of the most unique promotions you won”t find on Dafabet. It”s available to golden and diamond VIP members. In this bonus, you”ll place your first bet on a designated event match, such as in World Cricket Cup with AE Cricket as the designated platform. If you lose your bet Crpati will give you a full refund of the bet amount. Even though it sounds more lucrative, it comes with conditions: • You can only use it on AE Cricket with the first Cricket World Cup match bet being the only valid bet. • You”ll receive a full refund but the minimum amount to bet is INR 500 while INR 3,000 is the max. that means if your bet is below INR 500, you”ll be entitled to zero refund. If it”s higher than INR 3,000, your maximum refund will be INR 3,000. • The earned bonus is only applicable to Golden and Diamond VIP members only. • The wagering requirement is at least 5X to be allowed to withdraw. While Dafabet offers bonuses that seem to offer huge amounts, their requirements to be able to withdraw are almost impossible to achieve. Compared to Crpati, the latter offers lower bonus amounts, but their requirements aren”t as tough as Dafabet”s. Is Crpati Going To Merge With Dafabet? - There have been concerns that Dafabet is closing shop in India. While there”s some extent of truth to that, it”s not entirely the case. Dafabet is instead planning to partner with other sports and online casino sites in India. One of the top candidates on the table for consideration is Crpati. When Dafabet eventually finalizes merging with a partner, it”s expected that Crpati will continue to operate under Dafabet”s umbrella. This is expected to enhance Crpati”s user experience, introduce more sports and games from all over the world, and perhaps more promotions and bonuses. This might also see Crpati hosting some of Dafabet Casino”s games. While this is just a speculation that hasn”t been proven yet, all we can do is sit back and see if it will materialize.

Why Should You Choose Crpati Over Dafabet?

Why Should You Choose Crpati Over Dafabet?

Let”s be sincere; most bettors often choose a betting site with the most lucrative bonuses and promotions in the hope that they”d bag some of them. It”s a good approach to follow to ensure you get the most from your betting budget. Crpati offers lots of promotions and bonuses than Dafabet. That sounds like a reason enough to opt for Crpati. But there”s more to it than just the offers. • More offers, more winning opportunities: Crpati offers more promotions and bonuses than Dafabet, and this increases your winning opportunities. You”ll get registration and deposit bonuses plus other promotions on Crpati. On the other hand, Dafabet offers a registration bonus and other promotions but with somewhat tougher conditions. • Achievable bonus wagering requirements: While Dafabet offers somewhat bigger bonuses, their requirements for earning and withdrawing the offers seem too difficult to achieve for beginners. For instance, their welcome bonus of 170% requires a 15x wagering requirement on all odds above 1.5. Not so many can meet those requirements to bag the bonus. On the other hand, Crpati”s welcome bonus of 30% requires you to make two deposits within the first week of registration. And the wagering requirement is just 3x. These requirements are much easier to meet compared to Dafabet”s. • More relatable casino games: Casino players love it when the games are more relatable to them. Crpati understands this and that”s why they offer games that Indian players can relate to more easily, such as Baccarat, Rummy, Andar Bahar, Card Matka, and many more. We cannot say the same for Dafabet Casino. When players understand the game easily, it also increases their winning chances and that”s why it”s easier to win a casino game on Crpati than on Dafabet Casino. • Easy to navigate UI: If there”s one thing that Crpati has invested in, it”s building more intuitive and user-friendly game interfaces. Their sports and online casino games are presented in friendlier and self-explanatory interfaces so that anyone can play and bet with ease. Dafabet also excels at this, but Crpati does it better. • Attractive cricket betting options: There”s no doubt that cricket ranks top among all sports that Indians like to bet on. And that”s the reason Crpati has invested its resources in bettering its cricket betting. You”ll be able to place bets via AE Cricket and AE Cric Exchange. • Easily reachable customer support: You want to be able to get assistance whenever you have an issue with your gameplay or bet. Crpati makes it more convenient to players and bettors by offering support through easy-to-reach means. You”ll get assistance through their live chat and WhatsApp Messenger 24/7. Final Verdict - After reviewing what Dafabet can offer, we can say that it”s a pretty robust, trustworthy, and intuitive betting and casino site for both newbies and veterans. It allows you to follow up on your bets or matches of interest via iOS and Android apps. It”s completely safe to bet on Dafabet without worrying about breaking any laws since they”re registered in the Philippines with a license from Curacao Electronic Gaming Commission. You”ll also be able to bet on sports and major leagues from around the world, including the English Premier League, Indian Premier League, NBA, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, and more. What”s more interesting is that Dafabet also allows users to bet on small matches from less popular leagues around the globe. If you”re not into sports betting, Dafabet Casino is also available to enjoy casino games and earn money. On bonuses and promotions, that”s where Dafabet falls short. Even though the bonuses are humongous, the requirements are a bit tight for most average players and bettors to meet them. If you want to get the most from bonuses and promotions, we think Cr pati is a better alternative.

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